4 Reasons Why Si Dian Jin Is Still Relevant In Modern Times

The gift-giving of Si Dian Jin is a longstanding Chinese wedding tradition that originated from the Teochew dialect. Comprising a set of gold bangle, necklace, ring and a pair of earrings, this four-piece. wedding jewellery set is gifted to welcome the bride into the family and bestow blessings to the newlyweds.

Even though this tradition has been carried out for generations, you may wonder: has it come to a point where the act of giving is done only for the sake of following customs? Does Si Dian Jin still reflect the value of the tradition? While times are changing, it’s important to remember the significance of Si Dian Jin and why it remains relevant till today.

A promise

The meaning that comes with Si Dian Jin makes this wedding gift unlike any other. Since it is presented by your mother-in-law, it represents her acceptance and blessings for a prosperous marriage. Receiving this gift not only sets the tone for your relationship with her, but signifies a promise of being well taken care of by your new family that you will cherish forever.

Swan Love 999 Pure Gold Necklace 天鹅之恋项链

Wedding Jewellery, Wedding Jewellery Singapore

Crafted exquisitely in 999 Pure Gold, this elegant necklace features the perfect pairing of an elegant swan and delicate florals to express love and loyalty in marriage.

An heirloom in the making

Steeped in tradition and infused with blessings, the value of Si Dian Jin extends beyond being just a gold jewellery gift set. It is one of the first significant gifts you receive from your in-laws, making it highly symbolic and seen as a family heirloom.

While Si Dian Jin is often created from gold to represent wealth and offer monetary value, it also means brides can keep it for decades to come and pass it down to their children. The next generation will appreciate the history and deep significance of this heirloom jewellery when their time comes to get married.

Dragon & Phoenix 999 Pure Gold Bangle 龙凤手镯

Wedding Jewellery, Wedding Jewellery Singapore

For those who prefer chunky gold bangles, let this classic design adorn your wrist with opulence and style. Crafted in 999 Pure Gold, the Dragon and Phoenix represent a balanced partnership for a successful and harmonious marriage.

A wearable piece beyond the wedding day

Just because it is a traditional practice doesn’t mean the Si Dian Jin has to look dated and old. As times have evolved, many modern brides prefer to own jewellery that is versatile, contemporary and “everyday wardrobe” friendly. Even if it is to be inherited by future generations, you can still wear your Si Dian Jin out after your wedding day.

Today’s Si Dian Jin incorporates modern, sophisticated designs that still strongly align with age-old ideals. Elegant symbolic motifs like the Peony and Perennial Lily pay homage to the tradition while still remaining wearable and trendy with your everyday outfits.

Enchanted Floral Rose 999 Gold Earring 如意玫瑰耳环

Wedding Jewellery, Wedding Jewellery Singapore

Our pair of Enchanted Floral Rose earrings is crafted in 999 Pure Gold to symbolise love and romance. Be blessed with conjugal bliss and joy for a long-lasting marriage ahead!

A form of blessing

Si Dian Jin is meaningfully crafted with customary and auspicious motifs, which means it is deeply imbued with significant symbolic meaning. This is why some parents or grandparents also purchased a set for their daughters and granddaughters to bestow bountiful blessings.

For instance, the legendary pairing of Dragon and Phoenix symbolises good luck and everlasting love for a harmonious marriage. The pig is another traditional symbol of fertility to bless the couple with an abundance of offspring and happiness.

Wedding Pig 999 Pure Gold Necklace 金猪项链

Wedding Jewellery, Wedding Jewellery Singapore

Meaningfully crafted in 999 Pure Gold, the Wedding Pig signifies well-wishes and auspicious blessings for fertility and abundance of children – for a future of endless family bliss.

Final thoughts

Wedding Jewellery, Wedding Jewellery Singapore

Traditional as it may be, the Si Dian Jin custom remains as a rite of passage for many brides-to-be in Chinese families. Not only can it be seen as an expression of staying true to your roots and heritage, there is also something truly valuable in having a family heirloom that carries emotional significance and the family’s blessings for your marriage.

Shop for your Si Dian Jin at SK Jewellery, which features the purest 999 Gold to celebrate your marital union. Our jewellery pieces are crafted with meaningful motifs in modern and traditional designs to convey well-wishes and blessings.

Browse the Si Dian Jin collection online or book an appointment to visit our physical showrooms and incorporate this cherished tradition into your wedding day!

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