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Wedding Bands FAQs

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Sweep her off her feet with distinctively beautiful designs made specially for forever. Choose from a wide range of stunning, modern, and classic wedding rings meant to represent a lifetime.
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How much is a wedding band in Malaysia?

When it comes to wedding rings in Malaysia, the prices can vary depending on factors such as the design, type of metal, gemstones used, and additional features of the wedding band. 

At SK Jewellery, we offer a wide range of wedding rings with prices starting from approximately RM2000 for a classic wedding band to over RM10,000 for a more intricate diamond-encrusted band. 

Our collections cater to all styles and budgets, ensuring that every couple can find the perfect ring to symbolize their love and commitment to each other. Choose SK Jewellery for a wedding ring that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Why are there 3 rings in a wedding?

In Malaysia, it is customary for couples to exchange two rings during their wedding ceremony - the engagement ring and the wedding band. The engagement ring is given during the proposal to symbolize a couple's commitment to each other. On the wedding day, the wedding band is exchanged to signify the couple's union and everlasting love. 

While not as common in Malaysia, some couples may also choose to exchange a third ring, known as eternity rings, which is typically given to the wife on a significant wedding anniversary or after the birth of a child. Eternity rings symbolize the couple's undying love and unwavering commitment to each other. 

Ultimately, the exchange of rings is a cherished tradition in Malaysia, representing the love and bond between the couple as they embark on a new journey together.

Which ring finger is for marriage?

In Malaysia, it is common for Malaysian couples to wear the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. Hence this finger is also known as the "ring finger." This tradition has been practiced for many years and is believed to symbolize the bond of love and commitment between the couple. 

While the origins of this tradition are uncertain, some believe it can be traced back to ancient times, when it was thought that a vein ran directly from the ring finger to the heart. 

What is the difference between a wedding band and a wedding ring?

Nowadays, many people have been using the terms ‘wedding band’ and ‘wedding ring’ interchangeably; but the difference between a wedding band and a wedding ring lies in their design and style.

Wedding bands are typically designed to be a plain and simple ring. They are often made out of materials such as gold, white gold, and platinum. Wedding bands usually do not have any gemstones or elaborate designs. Wedding rings, on the other hand, are usually rings with a variety of styles and designs. They usually feature diamonds, and gemstones, designed with patterns or any other decorative elements that will make them stand out.

With that being said, whether you decide to have a wedding band or a wedding ring, SK Jewellery has a variety of marriage wedding ring designs for couples to choose as a symbol of their love towards each other.