Myths or Facts? Many brides find themselves unsure of the true symbolism and tradition behind Si Dian Jin. Here we bring you through some interesting facts every bride ought to know.


7 Interesting Facts About The Tradition Of Si Dian Jin

The age-old custom of gifting the Si Dian Jin has become an integral and meaningful aspect of a traditional Chinese wedding.

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Chinese weddings incorporate tradition and customs that were passed down generations ago during the Han dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD).
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Auspicious Blessings Behind
Si DIan Jin

Si Dian Jin is usually given during the tea ceremony after the newlywed couple has served the tea. It will be presented by the bride's mother in law
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Si Dian Jin is a set of gold wedding jewellery comprising a necklace, ring, bangle and earrings. Each carries meaningful symbolism toward marriage in Teochew, Cantonese and Hokkien culture, making it an ideal betrothal gift to a bride by the groom’s mother. Teochew families often present brides with all four jewellery items, while Cantonese and Hokkien families go for single or two-piece sets.

To keep ahead with the times and enable such a traditional custom to remain strong in today’s contemporary world, Soo Kee Jewellery – or SK Jewellery crafts modern Si Dian Jin designs made of 999 Pure Gold.

Whether you’re looking for a ring crafted with the auspicious lily to bless a couple with a long marriage or a dragon and phoenix necklace to signify success, prosperity and fertility, both brides and families can put together a unique and memorable piece of Si Dian Jin jewellery set that marries contemporary trends and the blessings of heritage.


When should Si Dian Jin be given?

The groom’s family typically presents the Si Dian Jin set to the bride on an auspicious date 2 to 4 weeks prior to the wedding. The gifting ceremony takes place at the bride’s house during a tea ceremony. For brides who want to learn more about Si Dian Jin, our blog offers a complete guide learn more about Si Dian Jin, our blog offers a complete guide. Since contemporary times, brides-to-be shop together with their future mothers-in-law to pick their ideal set, understanding the tradition helps to facilitate the choice of jewellery while balancing with aesthetic preferences. Our experts at every SK Jewellery store in Singapore will also be there to support you should you have any questions.

How much does Si Dian Jin cost in Malaysia?

If you’re looking for 999 Pure Gold Si Dian Jin jewellery that are both traditional and contemporary, you can put together a set at SK Jewellery. Prices vary depending on the weight of the gold and intricacy of design you choose. Since gold offers both a social and practical value, investing in a good set can bode well for the couple and their families in the long run. At SK Jewellery, our gold collection, spanning wedding bands and gold bracelets, is designed to stand the test of time while offering meaningful symbolism of a parent-child relationship underpinned by blessings and love.

Can I buy Si Dian Jin online?

You are advised to visit any of our SK Jewellery stores in Malaysia to buy Si Dian Jin jewellery. Since these ornaments are of high value, viewing and purchasing the jewellery in person ensures both preference match and consumer safety.

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