Myths or Facts? Many brides find themselves unsure of the true symbolism and tradition behind Si Dian Jin. Here we bring you through some interesting facts every bride ought to know.

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7 Interesting Facts About The Tradition Of Si Dian Jin

The age-old custom of gifting the Si Dian Jin has become an integral and meaningful aspect of a traditional Chinese wedding.

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Revitalising Traditions: Must-Have Tradition in Modern Days

Chinese weddings incorporate tradition and customs that were passed down generations ago during the Han dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD).
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Auspicious Blessings Behind
Si DIan Jin

Si Dian Jin is usually given during the tea ceremony after the newlywed couple has served the tea. It will be presented by the bride's mother in law
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Wedding Traditions You Do Without Realising the True Meaning

Wedding rituals tie us to our cultures. For as long as Chinese couples have been tying the knot, these cultural rites and customs have been integral to
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