The Top Trending Must-Have Necklaces To Flaunt This Season

Jewellery has become such a huge part of your getting-ready routine – it doesn’t only help to express your personal style, it is also great for making a statement with an outfit for any occasion. Whether it’s gold or diamonds, necklaces are great accessories you can throw on to complete your look.t

They can enhance your neckline, add a pop of colour to your outfit, and change up how casual or polished you want your look to be. With so many choices and countless designs available today, there is always a new piece to add to your jewellery collection. Below, we share SK Jewellery’s top must-have necklaces to help you nail the latest trends!

Star Carat Diamond Necklaces

Star Carat Galaxy Pendant

The Star Carat Galaxy Pendant features a radiant star surrounded by a swirling galaxy, adorned with shimmering carat diamonds.

Star Carat Starlett Heart Pendant

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Celebrate self-love with this sweet, heart-shaped pendant! The necklace consists of 18 lab grown diamonds with a total of 0.24 carat weight and finished in 10K White Gold. You can even gift this to your best girl pal or your mom and spread the love around!

Star Carat Starlett Rose Diamond Pendant

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Expect continuous alluring radiance and sparkle whenever you go with this free-oscillation diamond that sits within a rose-shaped pendant, crafted to symbolise love and romance. Set in 10K White Gold, the centrepiece diamond has 0.05 carat weight and comes with a complimentary 40cm chain.

Dancing Star Diamond Necklaces

Heart Pound Diamond Pendant

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Exude maximum shine and brilliance with this Dancing Star diamond that moves to the beat of your heart. Crafted in 10K White Gold, the diamond pendant features 1 centrepiece diamond with 0.11 carat weight and 15 smaller diamonds at 0.15 carat weight in total.

Ribbonia Dancing Star Diamond Pendant

Timeless and feminine, the ribbon motif will never go out of style. This pendant is complemented by a Dancing Star centre diamond at 0.04 carat weight and 3 smaller diamonds weighing 0.01 carat in total.

Queen Crown Diamond Pendant

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This elegant crown diamond pendant will make the perfect regal addition to your jewellery collection! Featuring 1 centre diamond in 0.04 carat weight and 10 side diamonds with 0.1 carat weight in total, this necklace is also the perfect gift to let any special woman in your life know that she’s a queen!

Duo-tone Diamond Necklaces

You Fill Up My Heart Diamond Pendant

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Keep love close to your heart with this stunning duo tone necklace, made from 10K White and Rose Gold. Featuring an open heart outline, the pendant is adorned with a 0.05 carat centre diamond and lined with 4 diamonds totalling 0.01 carat weight to lend all the sparkle for your look.

Starlett Passione Diamond Pendant

For something chic and unique, this asymmetrical heart-shaped pendant takes your style up a notch! Featuring diamonds with 0.12 carat weight in total, your heart will be filled with love with this 10K White Gold and Rose Gold design.

Joey Star Diamond Pendant

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This charming star pendant will surely put a smile on your face. Featuring an adorable bow design in Rose Gold, it is crafted with a Dancing Star diamond at 0.03 carat weight and 6 diamonds totalling 0.02 carat weight – designed to give you more sparkle as you move.

916 Gold Necklaces

SK 916 Lycoris Gold Pendant

The SK 916 Lycoris Gold Pendant is a fine jewelry piece featuring a stylized spider lily design. It’s crafted from 91.6% pure gold with a filigree style that gives it an airy, delicate look. The slender petals are intertwined to create a dynamic appearance which combines elegance with a touch of nature’s charm.

SK 916 Lover Key Gold Pendant 

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Glow in glow effortlessly with this simple yet meaningful gold pendant. Crafted in 916 Gold, this unique heart-shaped pendant represents “heart-to-heart” communication between you and your significant other.

SK 916 Sundew Gold Pendant

The SK 916 Sundew Gold Pendant is a teardrop-shaped, 916-purity gold piece with a lacy, cut-out design inspired by the strands of a sundew plant. Its polished finish and intricate pattern give it a delicate, natural elegance, perfect for versatile wear.

999 Pure Gold Necklaces 

Graceful Heart 999 Pure Gold Pendant

The Graceful Heart 999 Pure Gold Pendant is a heart-shaped, 24K gold pendant with a shimmering textured finish. It comes with a free gold chain, making it a timeless piece suitable for any occasion.

Royal Crown 999 Gold Pendant

This stunning 999 gold royal crown pendant is fit for a queen. The intricate detailing on this piece is truly remarkable, showcasing a beautiful design that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Deluxe Gold Bar 999 Pure Gold Pendant (Glossy)

Carry the symbol of prosperity and wealth whenever you go! Meaningfully crafted in 999 Pure Gold, this pendant features the shape of a gold bar as believed in feng shui to convey the best wishes in wealth, riches and success.

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