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Live Larger. Live Your Carat Dream

SK Jewellery Star Carat Diamond 1.0 carat price at just RM13.90/day*. You can now live out your carat dreams without breaking the bank.

Each diamond is unique, and the cost of a 1.0 carat diamond depends on the sparkle and quality of the diamond. Globally, diamond is graded in the 4Cs - Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight. Together, these criteria determine the value and price of the diamond.

Our diamonds are recognised internationally and certified by the International Gemological Institution (IGI). Star Carat Diamond is also a 3EX (triple excellent) diamond that has been cut with superior craftsmanship and achieves a grade of Excellence in its proportion, polish and symmetry, with optimum brilliance and scintillation.

Do you prefer a diamond wedding ring that matches the style of your engagement ring? If you plan on wearing your engagement and wedding ring side by side, both rings should complement each other – for example, an extremely sparkly engagement ring with a solid band for simplicity.

Whether you already have ideas or are starting totally from scratch, our diamond ring experts will be able to help you select the right diamond ring. Schedule an appointment today prior to visiting our physical store to get RM300 off your diamond ring purchase!