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As one of the leading jewellery retailers in the region, SK Jewellery is renowned for its high-quality gold products. We continuously monitor the gold market to keep you updated on the latest gold prices of 916 gold and 999 gold.

Gold Price
999 Pure Gold

(per gm)

RM 425.00
916 Gold

(per gm)

RM 405.00
Updated as of 17th July 2024

916 Gold vs 999 Gold: Which is better?

When shopping for gold, either jewellery pieces or gold bars, have you ever wondered what the numbers and letters stand for? Knowing how to tell the different types of gold on the market can help you to make better decisions when purchasing a gold jewellery piece.

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Understanding the intricacies of gold prices


The epitome of purity, 24K or 999 pure gold signifies gold in its most resplendent and unblemished state. Given its superiorquality, the price per gram of 999 gold is highest amongst all gold varieties in Singapore.


Striking the perfect balance between durability and luminosity, 22K or 916 gold possesses an allure that’s uniquely its own. As a blend of gold with other metals, its price per gram in Singapore dollars (SGD) usually stands slightly lower than thepurer 24K gold.


Exuding an impressive lustre and notable durability, 18K gold has etched its place as a cornerstone in daily-wear jewellery. Given its reduced pure gold content compared to 24K and 22K variants, the price per gram of 18K gold typically presents amore affordable alternative in Singapore. Speak to our team today for more details about 18k gold prices.


Your Trusted Gold Partner

Purchasing gold is a significant moment that goes beyond mere transactions. It is a lifelong investment in your heritage and value. That is why we are dedicated to offering more than just competitive pricing.

We stand by the enduring quality of our gold jewellery with a commitment to lifetime servicing, ensuring that they remain as timeless and enduring.

Our 916 and 999 gold jewellery is stamped with a hallmark of assurance, certifying its purity and quality.

Trade In Your Gold

Has some of your gold jewellery gone out of style? Eyeing the latest new arrivals but already have older pieces of gold jewellery in your wardrobe? Fret not, SK Jewellery has the perfect policy in place for you.

At SK Jewellery, we value every piece of gold jewellery we sell to our customers. As such, we provide a 100% gold trade in policy. This means that the gold jewellery you purchase today can be traded back in at any of our retail outlets, at it’s full grammage weight. We will accept your gold, either jewellery pieces or gold bars, at the prevailing gold prices for you to purchase more bling and shine!

Visit any of our retail stores for more information.


How often do gold prices change?

At SK Jewellery, we change our gold prices as and when necessary, to reflect changes in the prevailing gold market. During periods of high volatility, which can occur due to economic or geopolitical factors, we may adjust our prices more frequently, sometimes even as often as one or two times per week. Whether you are looking at buying gold for investment purposes or simply looking for a stunning piece of gold jewellery, you can trust SK Jewellery to provide you with transparent pricing and exceptional quality.

Is it safe to buy gold jewellery online?

Yes, it’s safe to buy gold jewellery online with SK Jewellery. Our online store is designed to provide you with the same level of security and confidence as you would have when purchasing from one of our physical stores. We take great care to ensure that every piece of gold jewellery we sell is of the highest quality, and we have a rigorous inspection process in place to ensure that this is the case.

In addition, we insure every delivery to your address, so that you can have a peace of mind knowing that your gold jewellery is protected from loss or damage while it is in transit.

What is the difference between 916 and 999 Gold?

The main difference between 916 and 999 gold is their purity levels. 916 gold, also known as 22 karat gold, is made up of 91.6% pure gold and 8.4% other metals. 916 gold is commonly used for crafting everyday pieces of fine gold jewellery. 999 gold, known as 24 karat gold, is the purest form of gold available. As such, it is softer and malleable, which means that fine craftsmanship is required to fashion it into fine gold jewellery. It is often used for exquisite pieces like in Si Dian Jin.

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