A Gift of Gold Bars – Add Your Personal Touch to It

Gold bars are still highly common today, universally recognised as a store of wealth. And because gold has substantial value, many also see it as a form of investment where they can safeguard their financial security or pass it on to the next generation.

People were also buying gold bars as gifts, which indicated the importance of the event being celebrated while conveying their generosity and sincere blessings. From weddings and birthdays to anniversaries and graduations, there are so many options now for gold bar designs to help you commemorate your occasion.

Customise your own gold bar

Here at SK Jewellery, we present our Gold Bar Customiser where you can pick out the ideal gold bar design with an added personal touch. Customise your gift of gold for something that is truly unique and special for all your cherished moments in life.

●     999 pure gold

Our gold bars are made of 999 pure gold, which refers to a gold content of 999.9 parts per thousand – basically the purest form of gold you can get. Gold that is 99.9% pure is highly refined and has very few impurities, which usually comprise other metals like copper, silver, zinc, or nickel.

Due to its maximum fineness and purity, 999 pure gold can serve as a valuable investment. Its yellow appearance is beautifully striking and resistant to tarnishing, which makes it ideal as a collectible as well.

●     Personalised options

Skip the generic gift and go for something more personalised. If you are looking to celebrate a momentous occasion, what better way to express your blessings than with a unique gold bar! Our online Gold Bar Customiser allows you to pick your preferred design and weight and insert your own photo. You will also get the option to include a personal message – whether it is a special date, name or a heartfelt note, to impress your loved ones with a gift that will be treasured for years to come.

●     Door-to-door delivery service

Get your surprise gift delivered right to their doorstep! We provide door-to-door delivery service for your customised gold bars for an added peace of mind and convenience. You will not have to worry about the whereabouts of your valuable gift and ensure it safely reaches the gift recipient. Place your order online with just a few clicks and enjoy a fuss-free gifting process.

Gold bars for all occasions

Not sure what to give a new mother to celebrate her bundle of joy? Having trouble deciding the perfect gift for the happy newlyweds? Express your best wishes with a gold bar! It is not just something beautiful worth keeping for a long time, but it could also be a practical gift to help the recipient gain a potential investment, which will retain its value with time.

No matter if it is a wedding, birthday or anniversary, our customised gold bars make it easy for you to celebrate your life’s moments. They are also perfect for the young and old – from baby showers and 100-day celebrations to even an elderly’s 80 year old birthday!

Give the gift of gold

Gold has long been associated with wealth, prosperity, social status, and a peace of mind for the future. To this day, gold remains valuable, which is why it occupies a special place in gift-giving to express love, affection, appreciation and respect.

Hop over to our Gold Bar Customiser and get started in creating the perfect gift! If you fancy jewellery instead, SK Jewellery also carries a collection of gold jewellery made from 999 Pure Gold, beautifully designed and meaningfully crafted for your special moments in life. Take a look at our Si Dian Jin series which feature traditional and contemporary designs to celebrate a blissful union, or our fun range of charm bracelets and pendants for effortless, everyday styling.

Book an appointment to arrange for a virtual consultation or a physical visit to the SK Jewellery showrooms and explore affordable jewellery pieces and collectibles made from 999 Pure Gold for a truly special gift from the heart!

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