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Diamond Wedding Rings for Women

Browse our stunning collection of wedding rings for women ranging from classic contemporary styles to unique modern designs.
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wedding rings for women wedding rings for women

Couple Wedding Bands Set

Commemorate everlasting love with the perfect symbol of an endless love band. Featuring classic and contemporary couple wedding ring designs crafted by master artisans.
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How much is a women's wedding ring?

A wedding ring or wedding band for women can cost anywhere from a thousand to a few thousand Ringgit, depending on the precious metal, setting design and if there are diamonds included in the ring.

SK Jewellery has various designs and price from RM1,859 per ring. For more details, visit the nearest outlet or contact us at enquirymy@skjewellery.com

How much should the wedding ring cost?

It's difficult to say exactly what price range a women's wedding ring should be in as there are many different styles and designs, so you'll just have to choose your favourite design before settling on an amount that will work best!

The average wedding ring cost is typically less than an engagement ring.

You will wear your wedding ring every day, so you want it to look good and last through the day-to-day wear. 14k gold and 18k gold are popular precious metals for rings because they're durable and affordable! They're both less expensive than metals like platinum but still offer good quality materials that won't scratch easily against common surfaces.

What hand (& finger) does a married woman wear her ring?

In many western cultures, it's common for brides to wear their wedding bands on the left-hand ring finger (i.e. the fourth finger on the left hand), and it is most often seen in woman who are right-handed. But some countries, including India, Germany, Spain, Norway, and Russia, traditionally wear their wedding rings on their right hand.

Most women wear their wedding bands and engagement rings on the same finger for convenience. Conventionally, wedding bands are worn closest to the heart, which means they're placed at the bottom of the stack, below the engagement ring.

If you want to honour this tradition on your wedding day, the most popular strategy is switching over your engagement ring to your right hand before walking down that aisle, so your partner can slide the band right up your left finger.