How to check if my gold jewellery is authentic?

Gold is one of the most expensive metals known to men. Aside from being used as a decorative jewellery for important occasions like weddings, it is also commonly known as a safe haven asset, and one of the metals that have seen its value appreciate consistently over time. Do you know that if you held gold since 20 years ago, it would have grown in value by more than 3 times? In comparison, average prices of goods and services in Singapore would have only risen by approximately 65%, making gold a great hedge against inflation.

With that in mind, I am sure you would like to know whether the gold jewellery you are purchasing is genuine and authentic! In this article, we will list down several ways for you to check the authenticity of gold. While some might not be fool proof, they do offer a degree of trustworthiness and can help you better ascertain your gold jewellery purchases.

Look for hallmarks or stamps

Most genuine gold jewellery will have a stamp or hallmark on it, indicating the karat weight of the gold (e.g. 14K, 18K, 22K, 24K). These markings are created, when the gold jewellery are sent for an independent evaluation body for certifications.

Perform a magnet test

Gold is a non-ferrous element and is not magnetic. Therefore, when testing for pure gold, if you hold a magnet near the jewellery and there is an attraction response, there is a possibility that gold was used to coat the outer layer of the jewellery and other forms of metals like iron, was used in the core of the jewellery. For the magnet test to work, you should also use a robust neodymium magnet because regular kitchen magnets are too weak to attract potential metal blends stored within a jewellery item.

Do a nitric acid test

This test involves scratching the jewellery on a stone and applying nitric acid to the scratch. If the scratch remains the same colour, the jewellery is likely to be genuine gold.

Use an electronic gold tester

This is a sophisticated test, which employs the use of a device that uses electrical conductivity to determine if the metal is pure gold. Electromagnetic waves will check for the precise electrical resistance of the jewellery. However, the common layperson would not have access to these machines, and you should appoint a jeweller to check. Many jewellery stores offer testing services for a small fee.

With these tips in mind, we hope that you can have a better peace of mind when buying gold jewellery. That said, if you are looking for authentic gold jewellery, look no further than SK Jewellery for a wide range of gold jewellery pieces, from 14K, 18K, 916 Gold and 999 Pure Gold. We have a large range of gold jewellery for different occasions, be it for weddings, anniversaries.

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