Affordable Si Dian Jin Gold Jewellery For Every Bride

In a Chinese wedding, one of the most important aspects is the gifting of Si Dian Jin, which consists of a set of gold jewellery including a bracelet, necklace as well as a pair of gold earrings and bangles. 

This must-have ensemble is referred to as the “Four Touches of Gold” that adorn the bride on her special day. They are a symbol of the groom’s commitment to provide for his new wife and a treasured keepsake that the bride can pass down to future generations.

However, it can be quite a challenge for the modern bride to stay on budget when planning for her special day, especially with the rising costs of living. While wedding jewellery can be a significant expense for many couples, it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to find beautiful, affordable Si Dian Jin pieces. 

So, how do you find Si Dian Jin jewellery such as a braceletnecklace as well as a pair of gold earrings and bangles at an affordable price? For those who have a budget but still want to honour this cherished custom, here are three ways to consider.

1. Opt for 916 gold instead of 999 gold

Traditionally, 999 gold, also known as 24K gold, is used in Si Dian Jin pieces, such as the Enchanted Floral Rose 999 Gold Ring 如意玫瑰戒指 and Love Eternity Lily Necklace百年好合项链. It is the purest form of metal, containing 99.9% gold. 

However, more modern brides are now turning to Si Dian Jin made of 916 gold

While 916 gold is slightly less pure than 999 gold, it still comes with plenty of benefits. Its malleability enables artisans to craft delicate, intricate designs that would be impossible with purer gold, making for stunning jewellery pieces.

It can also be used to produce colours like rose gold and white gold because it is mixed with other metals.

For active individuals, 916 gold’s durability also allows it to better resist scratches and maintain its shine for longer periods of time.

2. Choose simpler designs

Another option is to choose simpler Si Dian Jin designs that are more affordable. Si Dian Jin jewellery doesn’t have to be flashy or extravagant to be meaningful. In fact, some of the most beautiful Si Dian Jin pieces are simple and understated. 

A delicate pair of earrings like the Enchanted Floral Rose 999 Gold Earring or charming pendant like the Love Eternity Lily Necklace can be just as meaningful as more elaborate pieces— and also more budget-friendly.

In fact, as more modern brides are choosing to wear their Si Dian Jin pieces out, it’s easier to match their outfits with contemporary and simpler Si Dian Jin designs.

3. Gift one or two pieces of Si Dian Jin jewellery

Although the tradition of gifting Si Dian Jin jewellery during the Guo Da Li ceremony has been embraced by Hokkien, Cantonese, and other Chinese families, the practice varies among different dialects. 

For instance, Teochew families tend to present a 4-piece Si Dian Jin jewellery set, whereas Cantonese and Hokkien families may opt to give one or two pieces of Si Dian Jin jewellery. A pair of bangles like the Forever Hearts Dragon & Phoenix 999 Pure Gold Bangle 永恒龙凤手镯 or the Double Happiness Dragon & Phoenix 999 Pure Gold Bangle 双囍龙凤手镯 is typically the most popular gold jewellery item that is gifted.

Remember that the gifting of Si Dian Jin jewellery is not about the number of pieces or monetary value of the gold jewellery, but the symbolism and meaning behind this tradition. So, choose one to two pieces that are meaningful to you and your partner and treasure them for years to come!

Head to SK Jewellery for beautiful, affordable Si Dian Jin gold jewellery in Malaysia

At SK Jewellery, we are the industry leader in gold jewellery, well-known for our immaculate craftsmanship.

With an extensive Si Dian Jin collection to choose from, our jewellery pieces range from classic and traditional to modern and bespoke designs, making it easy to find something special and timeless for your big day. Even better, shop in-store and choose your Si Dian Jin pieces in-person to enjoy discounted rates on certain gold jewellery pieces. 

Our Si Dian Jin experts at every SK Jewellery store in Malaysia will also be there to support you should you have any questions. You can even book a complimentary Si Dian Jin consultation to find out how to pick a Chinese wedding jewellery set that the bride will cherish for the rest of her life. Get started today!

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