Top 4 Reasons Why Si Dian Jin Is Still Better In Gold

In the olden days, Si Dian Jin sets usually consisted of big-sized gold pieces. More was seen as better, so using more gold in the designs represent opulence and generosity, which is ideal for a traditional Chinese betrothal gift.

Unlike our ancestors, young couples these days do not really fancy the idea of chunky, heavy gold. Instead, many young brides prefer to opt for a diamond-clad Si Dian Jin or one in the shade of rose gold.

The popularity of gold for wedding jewellery

Si Dian Jin, Bridal Jewellery

With that said, did you know that 999 Pure Gold has been a preferred choice for bridal jewellery among all other types of materials for generations due to its value? Beyond just being a marker for success and wealth, gold is also a form of currency that is internationally recognised and sold by weight, retaining its value throughout time.

Whether it’s contemporary or traditional designs, gold serves as a unanimous favourite used to celebrate marital unions and convey bountiful blessings for the couple. Let’s explore 4 reasons why gold remains the choice for Si Dian Jin.

1. Gold represents wealth 

Apart from adorning a unique colour that’s different from other elements, gold holds a deep meaning in many cultures. The warm colour of gold symbolises good luck and prosperity. Even till today, it has long been seen as a highly valued material that represents wealth and luxury.

Si Dian Jin is gifted to represent the acceptance and welcoming of the bride into the groom’s family and household. Additionally, it also signifies his wealth and ability to provide for his bride. As such, gold perfectly suits the symbol of gifting Si Dian Jin to the bride.

Flight Of Phoenix 999 Gold Bangle

Si Dian Jin, Bridal Jewellery

Gorgeously crafted in 999 Pure Gold, the elegant Phoenix represents hope, grace and a strong relationship. It symbolises a fresh start and harmony between the bride and groom, and signifies blessings for a happy marriage.

2. Gold can be melted down for monetary support 

Gold is a universal currency which many people invest in as a way to protect their wealth. In times of crisis, gold is a useful asset to possess. These crisis situations include episodes where currencies collapse or the economy crashes. During times like these, having gold as your asset can bail you out fast.

Gold is highly valued and can be melted down in return for a large sum of money. It’s the only asset with universal liquidity, which explains why it’s so popular among investors. Of course, the decision to opt for gold Si Dian Jin should be based on its symbolism and meaning. But if you’re looking beyond the sentimental value of the jewellery set, investing in gold Si Dian Jin also lends as potential monetary support in the future.

3. Gold can be kept as an heirloom

Traditionally, Si Dian Jin jewellery set is considered to be an heirloom that is passed down from one generation to another. If the sentimental value of this bridal gift is important to you, you may want to safe-keep it so that you can practise this beautiful tradition with your future children.

Secret Garden 999 Pure Gold Set

Si Dian Jin, Bridal Jewellery
Si Dian Jin, Bridal Jewellery

This stunning 999 Pure Gold Set enhances the natural beauty and elegance of the bride. Comprising of a necklace, a ring, and a pair of earrings, the delicate floral design symbolises a lifetime of blissful happiness and peace for the couple.

4. Gold is an excellent protection against inflation

Si Dian Jin, Bridal Jewellery

Gold has long been an effective protection against inflation as its value rises in parallel to the cost of living. When inflation occurs and fiat currency loses its power, gold takes over as the universal currency and rises in value as does everything else.

Since gold has maintained its value throughout the ages, people also see gold as a way to preserve their wealth and overcome in times of inflation. As such, getting a gold Si Dian Jin can be viewed as a good store of value to pass on from one generation to the next.


Honour your cultural heritage and roots with a timeless jewellery set that you can hold close to your heart even in the years to come. At SK Jewellery, we use 999 Pure Gold to beautifully craft our Si Dian Jin collection that offers symbolism, meaning and value.

Head to our showroom to explore our popular traditional and contemporary Si Dian Jin pieces that will convey bountiful blessings. You can also take a look at our Star Carat collection that features stunning lab grown diamond rings to celebrate your special day!

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