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The Traditions Behind Si Dian Jin


If you happen to come from a Teochew family, you might be familiar with Si Dian Jin (四点金), a popular wedding tradition that is an essential part of every Teochew wedding. To this day, countless of newlyweds in Malaysia still practice this meaningful tradition, regardless of their dialect. We’ve prepared a guide on everything you need to know about Si Dian Jin, especially for those who like to preserve age-old customary traditions.
The Traditions Behind Si Dian Jin
The Traditions Behind Si Dian Jin

What Is Si Dian Jin?

Si Dian Jin (四点金) is an essential feature in every Teochew wedding, usually presented as a 4-piece-set of yellow gold consisting of a necklace, ring, bangle and a pair of earrings that is given to the bride prior to the actual wedding ceremony. Resembling the Chinese character “Jin” (金), the jewellery set represents the acceptance of the bride into her new family – who promises to take good care of her even after marriage. Si Dian Jin is often given during the Betrothal Ceremony (过大礼) from the groom’s parents to bestow a lifetime of conjugal bliss for the couple. Not only can it add a touch of tradition on the bride’s big day, Si Dian Jin is the treasured piece of heirloom to be loved and cherished for a lifetime, passing it down from generation to generation.

Si Dian Jin In Different Dialect Groups

Today, most Teochew families are still practicing the custom of Si Dian Jin. However, the integration of this tradition is no longer limited to the Teochew culture. It is now widely seen in Cantonese and Hokkien families, often emphasizing a pair of bangles – one embracing a Dragon motif and a Phoenix in the other to represent matrimonial bliss and harmony. The items and pairings of Si Dian Jin may differ depending on your dialect. In fact, traditional Kuas are designed with shorter sleeves just so that brides can flaunt their new bridal jewellery.

The Traditions Behind Si Dian Jin
The Traditions Behind Si Dian Jin

The Meaning Behind Si Dian Jin

Si Dian Jin is highly regarded as a significant piece that embodies rich cultural roots and heritage. Meaningful symbols and motifs are used in every piece of bridal jewellery, ensuring a marriage full of bliss and abundance. This is the fundamental basis behind the 999 Pure Gold Bridal Collection, featuring designs such as The Legendary Pair – a Dragon and Phoenix pairing intricately engraved with the “Shuang Xi” symbol to embody the couple’s divinely-guided relationship that is favoured with everlasting love and harmony. Elegant flowers such as the Perennial Lily, Plum Blossom and Peonies are also often seen, such as the ones seen in our signature Harmonious Bond design – the majestic pairing of the Phoenix and Peonies bringing out the beauty and grace of the virtuous bride and brought to life using the most exceptional 999 Pure Gold.

SK Jewellery Exclusive Xifu Collection

Being the market leader in 999 Pure Gold, we are proud to present our exclusive Xifu 999 Pure Gold collection – each and every piece intricately crafted with the purest of gold to send the most heartfelt wishes and blessings from the giver to the receiver. Endorsed by the World Gold Council, every signature design highlighted in the Xifu collection are ideal heirloom pieces that honour the sacred union between two people that are able to withstand the test of time. Dispelling the notion that 四点金 is behind the times and thus out of style – The Flowers Of Fidelity set is inspired by the strong and adaptable Plum Blossom, it’s flower petals indicating a life full of Happiness, Bliss, Longevity, Success and Peace. Beautifully crafted and meaningful told, every 999 Pure Gold creation is made to be loved, cherished and passed down for generations.

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