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Live Larger with Star Carat Diamonds

Made for the bold and modern woman in mind, our sustainably-created Star Carat Diamonds are enriched with classic and dazzling creations. Made of 100% pure carbon and undoubtedly 100% traceable to where and when the diamonds are being grown, our Star Carat Diamonds are as rare as 2% of mined diamonds when it comes to purity.

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Get Bigger and Better for Less

We aim to provide you with a chance to own a bigger and brighter diamond that you never thought you could afford. With Star Carat, everyone and anyone can now shine with extravagant beauty. Indulge yourself with your desired carat dreams, as we bring modern luxury to you.

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Internationally certified by IGI, a world-renowned gemology lab, and graded on the exact same standards as mined diamonds, our sustainably-created Star Carat diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds - but even better. With precise standards for cut and quality, our diamonds are of astonishing beauty, perfect for milestones and celebrations of all kinds.

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Our Star Carat Diamonds are sustainably grown with no carbon footing and mining, then cut and polished to exacting standards internationally. Experience a selection of the highest-quality diamonds with maximum brilliance guaranteed.

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Bold yet delicate, our latest addition to the Star Carat Diamond collection features our Fancy Diamond Rings that exudes a charm like no other. Designed thoughtfully with powerful and distinctive shapes, this unconventional classic follows no codes. It’s time to get heads turning, and to turn traditions upside down.

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