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Dragon And Phoenix 999 Pure Gold Necklace

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  • Beautifully Crafted, Meaningfully Told

    Crafted with the purest of gold, we believe every Si Dian Jin piece tells a story that send the most heartfelt blessings and unconditional love.

  • Top-notch Craftsmen

    Our skillful craftsman meticulously handcrafts every piece of Si Dian Jin with flawless precision, good knowledge and techniques to produce mesmerising designs.

  • The Fine Artistry

    Each Si Dian Jin piece contains exceptional skills and exquisite workmanship which showcases the intricate details making it more realistic.

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Featuring traditional meaningful symbols that conveys the auspicious representation of well-wishes bestowed
upon the wedding couple

  • Tradiitional

  • Floral

  • Traditional

  • Floral

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Si Dian Jin is more than just a gold jewellery set, it is rich in cultural roots and heritage, and symbolises acceptance into the groom’s family. Here’s some interesting facts about Si Dian Jin you need to know.

  • Four touches of gold

    Represents the four corners of a rooftop to symbolise the groom’s assurance in providing the bride a roof over her head.

  • Symbol for prosperity
    and wealth

    Usually made of gold, specifically 999 Pure Gold which carries a symbol for prosperity and abundant wealth.

  • Intricate symbols
    and its significance

    Intricate engravings of long-revered motifs that signify an auspicious and prosperous marriage. Shuang Xi (双囍): translating to double happiness, this design symbolises bliss and happiness.

  • An heirloom

    A meaningful heirloom and cherished values that can be retained and passed down from generation to generation.

  • Comes in modern styles

    Available in modern and dainty style that are suitable for for every-day wear. Personalise the designs with their own sense of style.

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