Men’s Wedding Bands: The Complete Guide To Choosing A Ring

Men usually put a lot of thought and effort into choosing an engagement ring for their fiancés, but when the time comes to select their own wedding band, they are unsure and overwhelmed on where to begin.

If this sounds similar to you, don’t overlook the importance of your ring! Weddings bands are universally recognised as symbols of promise, commitment and everlasting love. Due to its significance and the fact that you will be wearing it for the rest of your life, you should put as much effort into finding the perfect ring. Below are some pointers to guide you along!


Men’s wedding bands do come in various width sizes; they can look differently on different size hands and even feel different. Try on a variety of different widths to decide how wide you would like your ring to be. In general, a thicker ring will be more proportionate to larger hands with long fingers.

Bear in mind that the wider the rings are, the higher the price will be since a larger quantity of precious metal is required. Find the balance between size and price by picking a metal that falls within your budget. For example, white gold costs much lesser but it still looks similar to platinum.

Metal choice 

There are a number of metal types you will encounter during your wedding band search. Today’s options have expanded to include palladium, cobalt and titanium, which offer different properties and characteristics depending on your needs.

But if you still prefer the classics like platinum and white gold, they remain to be popular and desirable choices for wedding bands.

At SK Jewellery, we offer rose gold, white gold and even duo-tone designs for our wedding bands. Duo or two-tone design is composed of white and rose gold metals, which offers a unique spin on the typical ring style. It is trendy and stylish for the modern groom!

Momento Classic Rose Gold Wedding Band

Exchange your vows with this stunning wedding band in 14K Rose Gold. This metal type offers an elegant and sophisticated look, designed in a classic style that minimalist lovers will appreciate.

Momento Duo-Tone Endearment Wedding Bands

Celebrate your forever love with this duo-tone wedding band! The men’s wedding band comprises 1 diamond with 0.01 carat weight and features 18K White and Rose Gold design that is tastefully modern.

Momento Crossroad To Happiness Wedding Bands

Our Momento Crossroad to Happiness wedding band is the perfect ring to represent your love journey. Made in 18K White and Rose Gold, it features a criss-cross design that symbolises the intertwining of love and joy.


Another consideration is the profile, which refers to the cross section of the ring. It has an impact on the style and shape of the wedding band. For instance, the edges can be flat across the top but rounded on the inside. Popular styles include D-shaped, Flat Court and Slight Court, which offer varying levels of comfort and aesthetic choices.

Our Comfort Fit bands at SK Jewellery feature gently rounded edges, making it easier for you to slide the ring pass your knuckle when wearing or taking it off. Because the inside of the band is slightly domed, it offers a very comfortable fit – especially since you will be wearing your ring on the daily.


Jewellers incorporate different metalsmithing techniques that will result in different ring finishes. These finishes describe the surface texture of a ring’s metal, which can transform the look and feel of your ring. Want something more classic? A shiny, polished finish is a popular go-to. For a rustic look, a hammered finish might suit you.

The choice of finishes is largely dependent on your aesthetic preferences. But you can also decide based on your wearing habits and maintenance needs to maintain its long-term look. For instance, stippled surfaces hold up better than other matte finishes, while polished and reflective finishes may require yearly touch-ups for their shiny lustre.

Beyond just the surface textures, you can also add details like diamond accents for a more eye-catching look. SK Jewellery’s wedding bands feature stunning diamonds to elevate the style of your ring!

Romanzo Love Swirls Wedding Bands

Who says men can’t enjoy diamonds too? Add a bit of sparkle to your ring with our Romanzo Love Swirls Wedding Bands, set in platinum and 18K Rose Gold. The diamond detailing gives an understated elegance while keeping a masculine look.

Momento Love Passage Wedding Bands

Crafted from 18K Rose Gold, these wedding bands feature a wavy design all around the ring, which embodies the flow of your eternal love. The men’s wedding band comprises 1 diamond with 0.01 carat weight – pair it with a matching ring for her comprising 16 diamonds for a shimmer effect across the finger!

Momento My One True Love Wedding Bands

The perfect his and hers wedding rings made in 18K White Gold! Both rings comprise 1 center diamond each, with an interlocking design that symbolises matrimonial union.

Final thoughts

More than just beautiful pieces of wedding jewellery, your wedding band symbolises a promise of your commitment to one another and your lifelong union together. With this guide, hopefully you can have a better idea of how to find your ideal ring to symbolise your love, now and forever.

Let us at SK Jewellery journey with you in your happily ever after. We carry a range of engagement rings and wedding bands in different designs and styles to convey your love story. You can also explore our Star Carat collection for lab grown diamonds that will leave her captivated!

Book an appointment with us and head down to our showrooms to explore our ring designs and let our friendly consultants assist you in your shopping!

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