Is Gold Jewellery Back In Style And Trendy ?

Just like fashion, jewellery trends tend to come and go. Statement pieces can dominate one year, and the next thing you know, minimalist pieces are the latest must-haves. But one fact remains unchanged: the indisputable ability of jewellery to enhance any ensemble.

A long time ago, it was considered a fashion faux pas to be stacking gold on top of gold in your outfit. But, gold jewellery is making a comeback this year so you can look forward to pairing your gold earrings with braceletsnecklaces and bangles! Below, we feature some of our favourite designs at SK Jewellery to help you stay on top of this trend!

Gold jewellery comes in various colours

Gold is typically mixed with different metal alloys for tensile strength and durability, since pure gold is relatively soft. The higher the karat of yellow gold, the deeper the colour is. Yellow gold has a stunning warm hue and lustre which complements well on any skin tone.

But rose gold and white gold are also popular shades, depending on the type of look you’re going for. White gold is often used for engagement rings, while rose gold gives a softer, more romantic look. No matter your preference, you can experiment and have fun mixing different colours of gold for your personal style!

SK 916 Enchanted Hearts Tiara Gold Ring

Featuring delicate crown-like details, exude your inner princess when you wear our Enchanted Hearts Tiara Gold Ring! This dainty piece comes from the SK 916 Gold Collection which offers versatile and fashionable jewellery to jazz up your everyday looks.

SK 916 Triple Four Leaf Clover Key Pendant

Can’t decide between rose, white or yellow gold? How about all three! Weighing at 2g and made from 916 Gold, this pendant features a trio of keys with four leaf clover design, perfect for representing your endless love for someone.

Gold has monetary and sentimental value

Throughout history, gold has been a valuable commodity and seen as a universal currency to protect against tough economic times. Because it can store value, gold jewellery became popular as an heirloom that people keep for generations to pass down the wealth.

This is also the reason why gold remains to be the choice for Si Dian Jin, which is treasured for its significance and sentimental value. If you’re worried about budget, the value of gold is constantly changing – and current gold prices are actually more affordable, so right now is a good time to invest in gold jewellery!

SK 916 Abacus Success Gold Pendant

Engagement Ring SG, Engagement Ring Price Singapore

Usher in wealth and prosperity with this Abacus Success Gold Pendant made in SK 916. It’s also great as a thoughtful gift to convey your purest blessings to a loved one!

SK 916 Enchanted Rose Orbit Gold Earrings

Crafted in 916 Gold, this elegant pair of earrings features a trio of interlocking circles that adds dimension and texture to any look. Weighing at approximately 1.9g, the design offers a meaningful symbol of life and harmony.

SK 916 Heart Bunny Gold Earrings

Elevate your jewellery game with this stylish pair! Embrace the whimsical design featuring playful hearts and adorable bunnies, radiating a sense of charm and joy.

Gold jewellery is timeless

As gold continues to hold its value over time, it can also last for a long time since it does not tarnish, rust or corrode. With reasonable care and maintenance, this makes gold jewellery a lifetime purchase and endlessly wearable for any outfits.

Whether it’s a slender chain or a chunky necklace, or a graphic and modern design to a traditional and ornate style, gold jewellery can be mixed and matched to create a playful yet elegant look. It can help you transition from casual daily wear to an evening look effortlessly.

SK 916 Star Weave Pendant

Shine bright like the star that you are! Signifying light, femininity and ambition, this Star Weave Gold Pendant weighs approximately 1.4g and is crafted in 916 Gold, with a classic design to take you from day to night.

SK 916 Huggie Hoop Hashtag Love Gold Earrings

If you can’t resist dangling earrings, dazzle in gold with this pair of 916 Gold earrings! Weighing at 1.7g, they offer an understated yet stylish look to enhance your outfit – making them a timeless piece for any occasion.


Truthfully, gold has made its lifetime mark in the jewellery industry. Denoting glamour and grandeur, gold jewellery also holds meaning and significance as a cherished keepsake. However, you can always refresh your look and update your collection with modern designs for that trendy, contemporary style!

At SK Jewellery, we take pride in carrying gold jewellery crafted in 916 Gold and 999 Pure Gold, featuring versatile everyday pieces to meaningful Si Dian Jian for celebratory occasions! Our gold jewellery is also great for gifting – take your pick of the latest designs through our E-shop or head down to our physical showrooms!

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