Handy Cleaning And Care Tips For Your Gold Jewellery

Everyone loves gold jewellery for its shine and sparkle, and how well it can add a finishing touch to your outfits. But like most things, these jewellery pieces also need tender loving care to maintain its beauty.

Whether it’s your treasured Si Dian Jin or a fashionable gold bangle, knowing how to care for and protect your jewellery can make a world of difference in keeping these cherished possessions sparkling for a long time. Don’t wait until its shine and lustre has faded – learn these handy tips to clean and care for your gold jewellery!

Be careful with heat and sunlight

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause jewellery discolouration and dullness. The sun’s UV rays can also lead to structural issues with your jewellery, which may eventually result in fast deterioration. If there are gemstones in your gold jewellery, heat can also distort its colour.

Make sure you are storing your gold jewellery in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight, excessive heat or damp conditions. Humid places can also speed up tarnishing, which leaves behind a green or grey residue that affects the appearance of your jewellery.

Keep your jewellery cleaning simple and easy

Keep your jewellery cleaning simple and easy

Ultrasonic cleaners offer an enhanced way to clean your jewellery using technology. High-frequency sound waves are generated to shake the debris loose and dislodge dirt, grime and oil on your item. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution since it can only work effectively on certain jewellery materials.

While precious metals like gold and silver, diamonds and certain gemstones are suitable for ultrasonic cleaners, other jewellery like pearls and colour-treated gems can be easily scratched with it. Even for diamonds, you will have to consult its grading report to check whether it has been treated before so you can safely use an ultrasonic cleaner on it. As such, this type of cleaning is best left to jewellery professionals who deeply understand the different gem materials and know how to use the ultrasonic cleaner safely.

The simplest at-home method still works the best. Prepare a bowl of lukewarm water with a few drops of gentle soap liquid and soak your gold jewellery for 10 minutes to loosen any built-up dirt. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to get into the nook and cranny of the jewellery piece and gently clean it.

Rinse thoroughly to remove the soap residue and dirt remnants before drying it with a lint-free cloth. You can also leave the jewellery on a cloth to air-dry before moving it back to storage.

Avoid exposure to chemicals

Natural materials, like gold, react when exposed to chemicals and this can ruin your beautiful jewellery. Everyday substances like perfumes, lotions, and body soaps contain chemicals that can deteriorate the surface and strip off the finish from the gold jewellery.

Be sure to remove your jewellery when doing household chores too. Harsh chemicals found in cleaning products not only lead to discolouration, but also damage gold alloys that can manifest as cracks and a dull-looking appearance. The same goes when you’re headed to the beach or the pool for a swim – sodium chloride and chlorine are just some of the chemicals present that can damage your jewellery and cause fast tarnishing.

Safely store your jewellery

Safely store your jewellery

Proper jewellery storage is often overlooked. Avoid merely tossing your jewellery into a drawer or on top of the dresser; it can catch dust and dirt quickly as well as be prone to scratches and damages.

Store your jewellery in a tarnish-resistant pouch or in jewellery boxes that feature individually padded slots for ringsbracelets and necklaces so they won’t get tangled together or scratch each other. Proper storage can keep the humidity and moisture out, while also preventing the jewellery from losing its original lustre.

Go for regular professional cleaning

To ensure your jewellery stay pristine and sparkly, schedule a professional cleaning every six months. Your jeweller is equipped with special jewellery cleaning machines and solutions to restore the lustre of your gold pieces. They will also check the settings on your jewellery to make sure no gemstones or prongs are loose.

Here at SK Jewellery, enjoy a lifetime of complimentary cleaning services when you make a purchase with us! If your jewellery needs extra care

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