Get Supercharged this Year of the Rat with SK Jewellery Pokémon Collection!


Calling all Pokémon fans! SK Jewellery is excited to collaborate with one of the most beloved franchises of all-time with our all-new exclusive Pokémon Gold Collection available for purchase on 26th December 2019. As we usher in the New Year, our collection also features Chinese New Year themes and styles.

To celebrate the upcoming festivities, skip the traditional red packets in exchange for our 999 Pure Gold Ang Pow featuring everyone’s all-time favourite Pokémon characters!

Get Supercharged this Year of the Rat with Pikachu, the star of our Pokémon Gold Collection. Known for his quick agility superpower and electrifying personality, these traits inspire us all to charge forward this New Year with the same strength.

Supercharged Year Pokemon by SK Jewellery

999 Pure Gold Coin Ang Pow

Introducing a new way of gifting auspicious red packets, it’s time you saved the trouble of queuing up in banks to exchange for new notes. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about deciding the amount to gift with our Pure Gold Coin! Make this Year of the Rat a dream come true with the perfect prosperity gift of your favourite Pokémon, including Snorlax, Eevee, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Pikachu. We also offer an assortment of gold coins and different ornaments to match the Lunar New Year season!

Supercharged Year Pokemon by SK Jewellery

999 Pure Gold Bar

Available in varied designs, our exclusive range of Pokémon Gold Bars are sure to dazzle with eye-popping colours from your favourite Pokémon! Each design is meaningfully crafted with the buoyancy and personality of each Pokémon, and makes for an auspicious gift to your parents, elderlies and loved ones.

Supercharged Year Pokemon by SK Jewellery

999 Pure Gold Jewellery

Available in all forms of collectibles such as charms, pendants and earrings, take home one of your own Pure Gold Pokémon Jewellery. Each piece is masterfully crafted in meticulous detail, so you can be sure that every Pokémon’s endearing personality is not lost in its glittering design!

Supercharged Year Pokemon by SK Jewellery

916 Gold Jewellery

Our Pokémon jewellery is also available in 916 Gold Enamel Collection! Overloaded with colourful cuteness, light up your loved one’s life with a cheery start to the New Year.

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