Engagement Ring & Wedding Bands – What’s The Differences?


When you are shopping for the perfect way to symbolize your love and commitment, you may be wondering whether you need an engagement ring as well as a wedding ring. The simple answer is YES! Here are some things to consider when making your decision.

Timing & Purpose

An engagement ring is given during the proposal or when the couple decides to get married. The purpose of an engagement ring is to show your commitment and intent to marry someone.

On the other hand, a wedding band is given during the exchange of your vows at the wedding ceremony and represents the official marriage bond. The purpose of a wedding ring is to serve as a symbol of your marriage.


Ring Designs

Engagement rings are typically has a dominant stone, which stands alone in the centre or is surrounded by several smaller stones. They are often made from more precious metals and stones and can be very intricate in design.


Star Carat Classic Enchanted Ring

Drop a cheeky hint to your partner for a sparkling ring! This brilliant diamond is set in 18K White Gold with subtle heart-shaped features to celebrate your love story. Whether it’s a promise or proposal ring, it’s a great ring for your better half.


Star Carat Classic Twisted Diamond Ring

A memorable way to make your dream proposal a success! Drop a hint to your partner with this brilliant diamond ring, set in an intricate 18K White Gold twisted setting. Its simple and classic look will never go out of style to mark your timeless love story.


Star Carat Twinkle Diamond Ring

Featuring a beautiful lab grown diamond, this solitaire ring is set in 18K white gold with a pinch micro-prong shank. With a total of 15 pavé diamonds that line the band, it gives an enhanced glimmer to the ring for a more brilliant sparkle.


When to Shop for Wedding Bands

Wedding planning is a hectic time, but try to set aside a few months before the big day to shop for your rings. This way, you can avoid the rushed feeling of trying to pick something last minute. And if you want customizations or bespoke details on your ring, booking ahead of time guarantees that everything will be perfect on the day itself. Here’s a tip, wearing your engagement ring for a while will help you figure out what kind of wedding ring you want – whether it’s a matching set or something more individualized.

Wedding rings are more practical in nature and are generally less expensive. They are usually made from durable materials such as gold or platinum, and their designs are often simpler. Typically, the wedding band is just a plain metal band or has inlaid small diamonds, which is much subtler compared to the engagement ring.


Momento Duo-Tone Infinity Wedding Band

Made from 18K Gold, the duo-tone design represents two individuals coming together and overcoming every challenge as a couple. This ring for her is beautifully lined with diamonds to signify beauty and commitment.

Momento Classic Rose Gold Wedding Band

This wedding band takes simplicity up a notch to keep things classy and timeless. Made from 14K Gold, it features small centre diamonds which are perfect for the woman who loves a touch of sparkle.


Star Carat Elegant Eternity Diamond Ring

Celebrate a lifetime of love and bliss with this 14K White Gold diamond ring. Lined with a row of diamonds around half the band, you can also pair this beautifully with your diamond engagement ring after the wedding for an eye-catching look.


To Match Or Not To Match

Historically, wedding bands were created as sets to honour a partnership. As time passes and traditions evolve, the meaning stayed – but there are no hard rules that dictate your wedding bands have to match.



There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands. It all depends on you, your partner, and what you both feel comfortable with. So whether you want a classic matching set or something more unique, go for it! And don’t forget to have fun shopping for the perfect symbol of your love.


So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking for a simple solitaire or a more elaborate setting, we at SK Jewellery have something to suit every taste. Book a consultation today and come see us in person! We know you won’t be disappointed.

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